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Have you said to yourself...


  • It feels like no one is hiring, and it's hard to speak with an actual human. Can someone just tell me what my career options are? I'm a hard-working person, but not sure where to focus my energies.


  • I don’t have the time or focus to figure out how to get real world experience, although I know it’s important for my resume and my future. My major didn’t require an internship, and it was never a priority... until now.


  • It makes me nervous that most employers are looking for 1-2 years of related experience. Tell me-- How am I supposed to get the job without experience and experience without the job? Some days I feel like I'm chasing my own tail.


  • I don’t mean to sound picky, but I really don’t want to just be making copies or serving coffee (or the virtual equivalent of such tasks). I want to use my creative mind doing meaningful work that makes a difference.  


  • I have so many different interests I struggle to narrow down what I want to do with my life. In other words, I experience Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, I do nothing. #AnalysisParalysis


  • Especially since Covid, I feel like I'm not doing what I'm meant to do. I want to make a career move, but I can't afford to take a major risk. I've thought about going back to school, but I'm not convinced of that either.

Confued graduate
  • Do you feel worried about your future? Running yourself into the ground juggling classes, work, health, family, and money issues with no end in sight?

  • Are you in a career transition trying to figure out your next move? 

  • Have you ever woke up in a panic realizing you don't have experience or connections in your chosen field?

    Now what?

Could you use support?

A career mentor? | A community?


We realize so many twentysomethings -- including college graduates -- are living at home with their parents or in tiny apartments feeling stuck, broke, and maybe even a little hopeless.

But it’s not like you’ve just been sitting around… We get it. And I promise, you’re not alone.

You may have felt rushed in meetings with your advisors-- sometimes so focused on “checking boxes” in order to graduate, you forgot to question if those were even the right boxes for you.

Maybe you’ve been applying to jobs and internships only to be rejected or ghosted again.

You may have even gotten an internship at your uncle’s company but you’re feeling frustrated by the mindless tasks and lack of mentorship (no offense to your uncle).

You may be weighing the pros and cons of attending graduate school. Or you may already have a decent job, but be feeling unfulfilled or stressed about your current situation.

Visions Internships Program (VIP) can help You!

What makes VIP different?

  • Our participants serve as project consultant interns with significant professional responsibilities for real clients

  • We provide in-depth training and professional support before and during the actual internship period

  • We are deeply committed to empowering our participants to both Do Well for themselves & Do Good work in the world, which is why we partner exclusively with socially and environmentally conscious organizations

  • In VIP you learn how to identify and utilize our own superpowers

  • We are extremely motivated to work with young people who want to make a big difference but sometimes feel misunderstood or unappreciated. If you are reading this, you are already very motivated. But do you know where and how to direct your motivation?

  • We believe young people often need mentorship more than they need money in the short-term. Our 12-week program fills this mentorship gap as our young participants grow in competence and confidence preparing themselves for their next (purposeful and profitable) career moves.

  • “I have literally created the program I wish I had in my twenties. I didn’t get the memo that I could Do Well for myself AND Do Good work in the world until my mid-30s!” -Amy, founder of Visions Internships


  • Purpose-driven young people between the ages of 20-29 who have completed at least one college course

  • People wanting to expand their comfort zone helping real clients solve problems and meet their project goals

  • Those who are coachable and looking for a career breakthrough


  • Anyone under 20 or over 29 years of age

  • Those not interested in socially or environmentally impactful work

  • People who prefer not to collaborate or hesitate to stretch outside of their comfort zones

  • Our 3 Step Process for Young Professionals

    Learn More

    Watch the Intro to VIP video above to meet our founder and CEO and get a taste of how VIP (Visions Internships Program) could help YOU meet your career goals!

    Apply to VIP

    Take 20 minutes to tell us about yourself, your goals, struggles, and strengths - fill out the VIP application to be considered for the next VIP, you'll be glad you did!

    Become a VIP Participant

    Strap in! You will be part of an amazing community of fellow purpose-driven young professionals committed to 'Doing Well & Doing Good'!

    How We Help You

    • VIP will help you get the clarity, confidence, and connections you have been craving.

    • As part of VIP, you will gain meaningful real-world experience, sharpen your professional skills, and get the mentorship and support to succeed.

    • Trained as a project consultant, you will engage in intellectually stimulating, purposeful work serving socially and environmentally conscious client organizations.

    • We empower you to fulfill your potential while also contributing to a more sustainable world.

    Skills You Will Gain as a VIP Participant

    VIP Soft Skills

    Soft (Interpersonal)

    Workplace communication

    Meeting facilitation

    Outreach and follow-up

    Critical and creative thinking



    Hard Technical Skills for VIP

    Hard (Technical) 

    Project planning/management
    Qualitative and market research
    Systems and process documentation Social media/web content and design Contact management, email marketing, and more based on client needs

    Software Tech Skills for VIP

    Software/Tech Tools

    Examples include Zoom, Loom,

    Canva Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro

    Google/G Suite, Microsoft Suite,

    GrooveFunnels, Asana, Slack, Calendly,

    LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quickbooks Online, LivePlan

    Why Young Professionals Chose VIP



    “I finally landed a summer internship, and I couldn’t have done it without Visions Internships! You gave us a purpose and something to get motivated about during such a low point in my life. VIP really kept me focused and I was able to grind out all of those applications.”

    Rachel Cohen

    Rachel Cohen

    FAA and Emily's List Intern and Student at GWU



    “Thanks to my experience in VIP I now feel strong, capable, inspired, connected, and waaayy less depressed. Basically, I feel important. I finally know my worth after a long time doubting myself."

    Leah Gibson

    Leah Gibson

    Early Ed Professional, Wellness Advocate, and recent WSU graduate


    “I really like learning the technical aspects that directly affect our client’s business growth. The client-consultant (intern) interaction is super valuable. This program has given me so much more confidence to make career moves. I believe VIP really helped me finally land a paid summer internship I had been chasing for months.”

    Steven Calone

    Steven Caione

    Microsoft Power Team Intern and student at Clark U



    “I feel much less afraid to communicate my thoughts and ideas. I especially enjoy putting my creativity to work for a cause I believe in!”

    Madison Cobb-Athineos

    Madison Cobb-Athineos

    Customer Support Specialist and graduate of U of Albany SUNY



    “VIP made me believe in myself as a project manager. Prior to the program, I didn't have much experience facilitating client meetings, and now I know I can! I also learned how to stand up for myself in the workplace.”

    Ashley Bomba

    Ashley Bomba

    Project Management Coordinator and recent graduate of Clark U


    “It’s so cool to experience myself growing into my role as a leader!”

    Bryon Lewis-Cumings

    Bryon Lewis-Cummings

    Community and Leadership Professional and graduate of Clark U


    Who is Visions Internships Program (VIP) for? Do I need to be in college to apply?

    VIP is designed for purpose-driven young professionals ages of 20-29 who want to gain meaningful real-world experience, sharpen their professional skills, and get the mentorship and support to succeed. While approximately 80% of our participants are either in college or hold a college degree, you do not need to be in college or hold a degree to participate in VIP. That said, all applicants must have successfully completed at least one college course.

    How does the program work?

    Participants apply and are selected to be part of a VIP seasonal program three times per year. They will engage in virtual skills training 12 hours per week during Part 1 and continue receiving regular coaching and career/professional development during Part 2, the supported internship portion, which centers on customized client projects and presenting deliverables at the end of the program.

    What kinds of projects would I be doing?

    You would be working virtually as a project consultant tackling specific projects that client organizations have identified-- typically in the areas of business operations/strategy, communications/marketing, and programs/events. We also help clients develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platforms and get exposure for the good work they are doing in the world.

    Would I be allowed to miss sessions, and will they be recorded?

    Although not recommended, participants could miss up to two Tuesday evening calls. Of course, life happens, so we ask that you be in communication regarding unexpected life circumstances. Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to participants. Please do your very best to attend all scheduled sessions-- for your benefit, as well as the benefit of your peers and our clients who are counting on you to deliver results.

    What should I expect to get out of it?

    You will absolutely gain: Clarity about your skills, interests, and likely career paths. Confidence from the skills training, career/professional development, and real-world experience delivering on projects for actual clients. Connections that will serve you for the rest of your life.

    How much does it cost? How would I pay?

    VIP is valued at over $10,000. Given our founder's deep commitment to equity and access, the cost of VIP is $500 (2 payments of $250) or you can save 10% if you pay upfront in full - 1 payment of $450. Credit/debit and ACH are accepted electronically. Please speak with Amy regarding any payment concerns or to inquire about a scholarship. #PeopleOverProfit

    Are there scholarships?

    Yes! We have limited need-based scholarships for the fall VIP. These scholarships are made available through a partnership between Visions Internships and supportive local business leaders who "sponsor" an intern. VIP Scholarships are accessed by request on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please contact Amy directly to inquire about available scholarships - email at [email protected] or text message her at 508-835-8007

    Can I earn academic credit?

    Yes. Each school is different, but getting academic credit (especially for VIP Part 2) is very possible and has been done. That said, participants seeking academic credit will need to spearhead this effort with your particular school and Amy will endorse what you need to secure the credit. 

    What if I need to cancel?

    Please know we are only accepting people into VIP who can make the full commitment so as to minimize any negative impact on our fellow participants and client organizations. That said, if you need to cancel, please speak with Amy. One of her favorite lines is, Anything is possible in communication!

    What is the time commitment required for VIP?

    VIP is a part-time training and development program designed for busy students and young professionals who will dedicate 12 hours per week over a 12-week period. We meet Tuesday evenings, Thursdays at lunchtime, and Friday mornings -- plus flexible hours you choose each week to complete individual and peer project work amounting to 12 hours total per week.

    APPLY to VIP
    Amy Mosher Berry

    About the Founder

    Amy Mosher Berry started Visions Internships to bridge the gap between young professionals seeking meaningful real-world experience and socially and environmentally conscious organizations in need of project support.

    A dynamic and caring community development professional of 20+ years (including 10 years running her own consulting firm and 5 years as an adjunct professor), Amy understands what young professionals and organizations need and makes it easy for you to finally get real-world experience and a like-minded community to support you!

    Amy holds an M.A. in Community Development and Planning from Clark University and a B.A. in Environmental Studies / Spanish from UVM.

    Connect with Amy on LinkedIn
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    If You're Ready to Create a Purpose-Driven Career

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    I am here to remind you how much young people (and especially YOU) ROCK and how badly the world needs YOU and your creative ideas and solutions!

    You can create a life by design rather than default.

    Let’s DO THIS!

    Interested in being part of the 2022 fall program?

    Fall VIP Applications Due Tuesday, September 13th

    Let's work together to make 2022 YOUR year... it's not too late!

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