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We are Visions Internships.

Co-Creating a World that Works

Our Client/Member Organizations 

Our clients and members are small to mid sized for-profit, nonprofit and government entities that need project support and access to talent but lack the time to set up and run an internship program solo.

Our Young Professionals

We equip purpose-driven young people in their twenties with the skills today's employers are looking for-- especially those overstretched social impact organizations. A win-win.

Our Vision

Young people are leading the way Doing Well & Doing Good, equipped with the skills and support to succeed in meaningful careers that contribute to a brighter world for us all.

Problem We Solve:

We built Visions Internships to address the growing Purpose Gap – the disconnect identified in a 2019 study reporting 80% of US college graduates are seeking purposeful work, yet well under 50% achieve this goal. Likewise, organizations struggle to find young talent.

The situation has only worsened since COVID and now many young people (especially in their early and mid twenties) are feeling more lost professionally than ever.

We know that many social impact organizations are doing critical work, but they are overstretched -- lacking the time to find, train, and manage interns, especially without guidance.

Meanwhile, countless young people crave meaningful (vs. menial) experience and would jump at the chance to work with these organizations, yet they need the connections and support to make it happen.

Our Values

At Visions Internships, we hold strong values to ensure we successfully serve our team, client/membership organizations, and partners. This is how we W.O.R.K. If these values resonate with you, let's connect!


We value people and our planet before profit. Every time.

By valuing people over profit, we teach young professionals the importance of caring for ourselves, each other, and the environment – now and and in the future. Organizations appreciate how emphasizing wellbeing strengthens their mission while relieving their own stress in the process.


We empower individuals and organizations to fulfill their potential while contributing to the Greater Good.

It's not just about finding and completing work. It's about always learning and growing to become the best version of ourselves, as individuals and organizations, exploring new possibilities and achieving goals that matter.


We provide steady, measurable progress in a world where uncertainty is the only certainty.

Living in a performance-based world, we pride ourselves in helping our clients and young professionals experience progress (not perfection). We believe "Done is better than perfect" and encourage people to "Do their best and forget the rest!" We reliably assist our clients in moving important projects over the line while adapting to inevitable change.


We practice the Golden Rule ("treat others the way you want to be treated") and the Platinum Rule ("treat others the way they want to be treated").

We treat our clients as true partners, listening for and delivering on what matters most to them. We care for our young people and honor their lived experiences, views, and desires. We stand for mutual respect and equitable progress "Co-creating a World that Works"

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Marlborough, MA 01752

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