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Learn how we help you build Capacity, Efficiency, and Impact

Young Professionals

Are you in your twenties looking for a career breakthrough? Wondering how to get ahead? Want to make a difference?

Capacity - We help you develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed. Our personalized, highly-structured program will build your confidence through skills training and supported real-world experiences.

Efficiency - We save you time and aggravation demystifying the process of getting real-world experience engaged in purposeful projects, supportive training, and mentoring and connections that will enhance your career forever.

Impact - We partner exclusively with organizations that are helping people and/or our planet so you experience meaningful work while developing valuable transferable skills to carry into your career moving forward.

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Are you doing good work but feeling overwhelmed? Need to get more done? Want to deepen your impact?

Capacity - We increase your bandwidth to get key projects done. Our customized offerings provide you with work-ready young talent who are properly trained and professionally supported every step of the way.

Efficiency - We enable you stay focused on your own top priorities while our micro consulting model results in projects getting done successfully with very little effort on your part. We help you stay on track without having to invest in managing a full internship program.

Impact - We help you amplify your social impact by providing motivated purpose-driven young people to accelerate your mission. Join us and lighten your workload while building up today’s young professionals, creating a brighter future for us all.

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    What Makes Us Unique

  • Whether you are a young person looking for meaningful real-world experience or an organization in need of project support, we make modern-day internships work– but with a twist. Our structured solutions make it easy to get the experience or talent you’re looking for without the stress you're probably used to.

  • Unlike traditional placement agencies or online internship sites, we don't just connect you and hope it works out. We align teams based on shared values and required skills, and provide training and experienced consultant support throughout the process, lowering risk and increasing success for everyone.

  • Whether you’re part of our core program, VIP, or another service we offer, know that you are treasured here and that we are building a brighter world together.

What Our Young Professionals Say

Clear and Confident!

"VIP was really the first time I got a taste of what to expect in a professional vs. academic setting. I feel so much more clear, confident, and calm about my skills and career options-- especially with graduation only a few months away!

Philip Tran - Visions Internships

Philip Tran

Senior undergrad studying Sociology and Entrepreneurship

Leadership Growth!

"VIP allowed me to grow as a person and especially a leader who can facilitate meetings, do digital marketing/social media for a company, and even make a client logo! I am excited to have these skills now-- whether to get a promotion or start my own business!"

Julia Ward - Visions Internships

Julia Ward

Graduated, currently working for a large youth-serving nonprofit organization

Encouraging & Inspiring!

"I knew what I wanted to do, but VIP provided an encouraging and inspiring structure for me to grow throughout the interview process and to make this career jump with more confidence!"

Bryan Cruz - Visions Internships

Bryan Cruz

10 years of banking experience and recently graduated with a degree in Digital Marketing

What Our Client Organizations Say

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