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Meet Your Goals & Better Our World

We help social impact organizations grow sustainable internship programs

Date: Friday June 21, 2024

Time: 9AM - 5PM ET

Location: VentureX in Marlborough, MA.

Only 15 200 Seats Left !









  • We help you build Capacity, Efficiency, and Impact

    A customized, well-oiled internship program is a great way for busy organizational leaders to get the project support you need and the talent pipeline you want. Our signature INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ Membership and other SERVICES are designed to help you grow while lightening your load.

    We also love empowering purpose-driven young professionals through our unique offerings as well as our many free resources! You know who you are – dedicated to Doing Well & Doing Good, Making Money & Making a Difference… Our world needs you!

    Other frequent collaborators include colleges and universities, high schools, youth-serving agencies, and managers and HR staff who hire and oversee early-career young professionals.

    What Makes Visions Internships Unique

  • Proactive Responsive Leadership >> Capacity

  • We consistently leverage feedback from our clients to expand the capacity of the organizations and individuals we serve. We understand what matters to you: measurable value, customized solutions, and the ability to easily replicate what's working – and we are ON IT!

  • Agility + Productivity >> Efficiency

  • Our CEO & founder combines vast knowledge and diverse perspectives from the for-profit, nonprofit, government, and academic spheres with a modern project management approach to program development and BOOM! We help you GET IT DONE!

  • Conscious Strategic Commitment >> Impact

  • We are fueled by what’s possible and doing our part to create a brighter world, which is why we are especially motivated to serve socially and environmentally conscious organizations. LET'S TRANSFORM THE HEADLINES!

    What Our Client/Member Organizations Say

    Making Progress

    “We’ve been able to make so much progress in such a short period of time working with Visions Internships -- it’s fantastic!”

    Shon Rainford


    Worcester Food Hub

    Focused & On Track

    “Visions Internships' personable and smooth onboarding process stands out from anything I've seen. I especially love the additional intern support option, which allows me to focus on what I need to do while Amy keeps my interns on track every week!”

    Vanessa Gweh


    Sustainability Cleaning

    Successful Hire

    "Amy and her team train young people to be truly work-ready– I even hired one of her program alumni!"

    Debbi Mallinson

    CEO Magic Lamp Consulting


    What Our Young Professionals Say

    Clear and Confident

    "PIT was really the first time I got a taste of what to expect in a professional vs. academic setting. I feel so much more clear, confident, and calm about my skills and career options-- especially with graduation only a few months away!"

    Philip Tran

    Senior undergrad studying Sociology and Entrepreneurship

    Leadership Growth

    "PIT allowed me to grow as a person and especially a leader who can facilitate meetings and understand what employers really want! I am excited to have these skills now-- whether to get a promotion or start my own business!"

    Julia Ward

    Graduated, currently working for a large youth-serving nonprofit organization

    Encouraging & Inspiring

    "I knew what I wanted to do, but PIT provided an encouraging and inspiring structure for me to grow throughout the interview process and to make this career jump with more confidence!"

    Bryan Cruz

    10 years of banking experience and recently graduated with a degree in Digital Marketing


    Our Accolades & Features:

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