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Do You Want An Internship Program That Delivers Solid ROI For Your Organization?

Join INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ as a Founding Member this Fall!

Save Time. Save Money. Get More Done with Less Stress.

Visions Internship Memberships

Why Consider An Internship Program?

  • A properly structured/run internship program provides project support now and access to talent over time

  • Showing young people how to do what you need helps you clarify your processes and priorities and save time

  • Stand-out interns add value at a low upfront-cost and can transition easily into permanent team members

  • If you could save time, save money, and get more done, would you be open to creating a customized, well-oiled internship program as part of your larger growth strategy?


    A new virtual membership program for busy organizational leaders, especially those in the social impact space, who need affordable project support and access to qualified talent but lack the time to set up and run an internship program solo. 

    Internship Insder 5 Step Journey

    Why Choose Us?

    Time & Cost Effective

    Maximize your precious resources with consultant-level support at a fraction of the price without having to hire a full-time internship program manager


    Get your internship questions answered and troubleshoot your situation so you can implement the best internship program for the long-haul

    Caring & Personable

    When you join INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ you become part of our family! We care about you and your business as much as our own, so... Let's Go!

    What INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ Members Get

    I've always wanted to work with interns, but I honestly didn’t know where to start. INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ Membership gives me professional guidance and continuous support for relatively little time and money. It’s like they’ve done the thinking (and stressing!) about running an internship program for me... Yes please!” 

    Vanessa Gweh

    Vanessa Gweh, Sustainability Cleaning

    Valuable How-To Resources

    Save time by using checklists, guides, and videos to simplify the internship development process, no matter what stage you are in

    Live Coaching Q&A

    Learn key internship concepts and get your most pressing questions answered Live on Zoom twice a month

    Discounts & Perks

    Take advantage of discounts on upgraded services (i.e. Intern Support) and perks (i.e. promotional opportunities) exclusive to members

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know

    + What are the top 3 benefits of becoming a Founding Member this fall?

    1. Limited # of Founding Member spots for opportunity to shape the program based around your needs

    2. Special Bonuses for signing up between September 20 - October 20, 2023

    3. Ability to lock in at rock-bottom pricing before it increases in 2024

    + How does it work?

    We will train you and/or your key staff member(s) in the 5 Stages of Internship Development (1. Chart your course, 2. Onboard your crew, 3. Launch your intern(ship), 4. Adjust your sails, and 5. Focus on the horizon), helping you set up and run a customized, well-oiled internship program for as long as you want one.

    You will get an informative weekly email, access to valuable How-To resources as they are released in our members-only portal, live Zoom sessions that are recorded, and an exclusive LinkedIn group to support your ongoing success. 

    +What is the time commitment?

    We strongly recommend that you designate one primary accountable staff member to "champion" your organization's internship program. This person would typically dedicate 2-3 hours per week to ensure its success-- by checking out online member resources, attending Live Coaching Q&As twice per month, and rolling out your internship program, step-by-step, with our guidance.

    A best practice we recommend is for this person to form a small internal working group of 1-2 other coworkers who are also interested and excited to see the program succeed, who could cover the Live Zooms and support implementation as needed. 

    + Do you manage our interns or do we?

    This is a critical question and one that we have a LOT of experience from which to draw. We help you set up and run your internship program, including guiding you along the 5 Stages of Internship Development. 

    However, the interns are ultimately YOUR INTERNS that you will hire, train, and manage, leveraging us as you see fit. Once your internship program if off the ground, you will have the option of upgrading to Intern Support Service, where we would directly keep your interns on track setting goals, staying productive, and being accountable week in and week out -- a huge time savings for you and your team.

    + How much does it cost? Do you have an Early-Bird discount?

    Those who sign-up as INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ Founding Members between September 20th - October 20th will qualify for a special Early-Bird 40% Discount (use coupon code 40off), for a the ROCK-BOTTOM price of just $150/month or $1,500 for the year! (Be sure to use the coupon code!). Price goes up October 21st to $250/month or $2,500/year and doors close for the Fall 2023 Founding Members Launch October 31, 2023 - Halloween! 

    + When can I enroll and when does the membership start?

    Enrollment for our 2023 Founding Members opens Wednesday, September 20th (or September 13th for those of you attending the Self-Made Entrepreneur Conference, Woo!). We will accept new Founding Members until we hit our enrollment limit or until October 31st (whichever comes first), and then we are off to the races Wednesday, November 1st with our first Live Member Zoom Call- time to be determined based on member feedback.

    Save Time. Save Money. Get More Done.

    Become an INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ Founding Member!









    Limited Time Offer For Founding Members

    You are in the right place at the right time! INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ will never again be as inexpensive or personalized as it will be this fall!

    Founding Member slots are limited, so Join Today!

    Turn your vision of leveraging interns into a reality by finally getting the systems and support you need to succeed.

    You deserve to Save Time, Save Money, and Get More Done.

    You don't want to be in the same place next year wishing you had acting today, right?

    We are here for you - Jump on board the INTERNSHIP INSIDER™ as a Founding Member this fall.

    Ask yourself... If not now, when?

    **Don't forget your 40% OFF Coupon Code: 40off **

    Amy Mosher Berry

    Amy Mosher Berry

    CEO & Founder, Visions Internships

    Connect with me on LinkedIn!

    I'm thrilled to be your InternShip Captain!

    My top priority is helping you and your team set up and run a great internship program that exceeds expectations and takes your organization to the next level.

    Just a little about me... 

    • 20+ years of experience in for-profit, nonprofit, government, and academic leadership roles

    • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®

    • M.A. in Community Development and Planning, B.A. in Environmental Studies/Spanish

    Hope to see you aboard INTERNSHIP INSIDER™!

    Amy Mosher Berry

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