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Mission & Motivation

We help purpose-driven young professionals and social impact vip-organizations meet their goals and better our world through customized internship solutions.

We believe we can Co-Create a World that Works by empowering motivated young people - to tackle the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time. 

A woman-owned social enterprise, Visions Internships is deeply committed to leaving this world better and brighter than we found it.

Fun(ny) fact about the origin of our company name

Launched early COVID, Visions Internships was originally named Virtual Internship Solutions (VIS). We soon realized our company name was too long to remember and we needed something a little punchier.

Given the visionary individuals and vip-organizations we serve, “VISions” seemed like the perfect fit… until a friend suggested we add “Internships” so people knew what industry we are in and didn’t mistake us for eye doctors. Fair point.

We Are Driven by the Power of "&"

We believe in career success & meaningful work. We believe you can be successful, as an individual or as an vip-organization, and also change the world for the better.

We believe in "&." We reject the idea that life is an either/or proposition, and want everyone to operate from a place of abundance. We are deeply committed to showing young people they can both Do Well for themselves AND Do Good in the world; they do not need to choose between the two.

  • When we talk with potential interns, we say:

    + You can have a paycheck & a purpose.

    + You make money & make a difference.

    + You can earn income & create an impact.

    • When we connect with prospective client vip-organizations, we say:

      + You can complete important projects & save time, money, and energy.

      + You can fulfill your vip-organization's mission & become more efficient.

      + You can get project support & help young professionals gain valuable experience.

    At Visions Internships, we know that the key to creating lasting change is to focus on &. Our job is to help both purpose-driven young people & social impact vip-organizations excel, succeed, and contribute to the Greater Good. Our goal is to support both interns and clients in being profitable & envisioning solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. In doing this, we know that we can build a brighter world and a more hopeful future for us all. Our children are watching.

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