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In need of project support but lack the time to find, train, and manage interns?

We flip the script to make internships work for you!

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Confused with your career

Are you an overstretched socially or environmentally conscious organization?

Have you been stressed out... feeling like your To-Do List keeps growing with no end in sight?

Forget those special projects. You’re barely keeping your head above water.

Would It Be Helpful If You Could...?


  • We give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are finally tackling important projects with a team that cares while you and your staff focus on urgent priorities.


  • No need to worry about finding, training, or managing interns because Visions Internships will do that for you. Our turn-key process will allow you to breathe easier.


  • Together we identify 1-3 key projects you want to get done - totaling approximately 150 hours. We customize your experience to meet your specific project needs.


  • We may be out of sight but you are definitely not out of mind! We specialize in delivering Virtual Internships Solutions-- the origin of our name, VISions ;)


  • While the majority of the project work will take place during evening and weekend hours, we will have weekly status update meetings during the weekday hours to stay on track.


  • If you've been weighing the odds of hiring a consultant vs. interns, we provide the best of both worlds.

What Makes Our Interns Unique?

Work Ready Engaged VIP

Work-Ready and Engaged

We provide our interns with 25 hours of pre-internship training before they even step (virtual) foot into your organization. They take on high level leadership roles and are constantly learning and growing which keeps them focused and engaged throughout the 10-week project period.

Project Consultant VIP

Supported Project Consultants

We take the time to understand your project needs and appoint two problem-solving project consulting interns to spearhead getting important short-term projects done, with very little effort required on your part. We keep them on track so they can keep you on track. 

Motivated and Purpose-diven

Motivated and Purpose-driven

Our interns all share a distinct commitment to purposeful work-- making money and making a difference, income and impact! They are reliable, self-motivated young leaders who are inspired to serve your purpose-driven organization in a meaningful way. 

Our 3 Step Process for Organizations

Learn More

Are you looking for reliable, affordable project support without having to find, train, and manage interns? Check out our website or schedule a free Exploration Call with our CEO and founder HERE.

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If you believe VIP might be a good option for you, take 10 minutes to complete your Interest Form. Be sure to state your top pain points and project needs and we will be in touch to determine next steps.

Work Together

When you become a VIP client, you will feel relieved knowing your projects are on track with very little effort on your part. Simply put, you will enjoy consultant-level project work at internship rates!


  • Socially and environmentally conscious organizations who support the idea of training young professionals

  • For-profits, nonprofits, or government agencies seeking reliable, affordable project support

  • Ready to take action and get the outside help they need


  • Organizations with a negative social or environmental track record

  • Prefer to be involved in every aspect of every project

  • Not ready to tackle key projects with the right support

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We’ve been able to make so much progress in such a short period of time working with Visions Internships-- it’s fantastic! The weekly meetings really kept us on track!”

“Visions Internships' personable and smooth onboarding process stands out from anything I've seen. Amy really knows how to build highly functioning client-focused teams. I felt immediately taken care of." 

“I worked with Amy and two incredible interns who helped us with a project that had been on our To-Do list for way too long. Because of VIP, Girls Inc. was able to establish more robust professional development and onboarding programs. I would recommend VIP to both businesses and young professionals.”

Girls Inc. of Worcester

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Visions Internships and how can you benefit my organization?

Visions Internships is a micro-consulting social enterprise providing modern-day internship solutions for organizations in need of project support and young professionals seeking meaningful real-world experience. Our signature program, VIP, which stands for Visions Internships Program, runs 3 times per year and helps organizations forward their key short-term projects without having to find, train, or manage interns. We understand how important it is for you and your paid staff to stay focused on the urgent business matters of the day. As part of VIP, you can rest assured knowing your special projects are progressing with minimal time and effort required on your part.

How much time would our organization need to dedicate to the interns?

At least one point person from your organization would need to dedicate 1-3 hours per week during regular working hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) to support Visions interns, including a weekly project Status Update Meeting (SUM) typically held on Thursdays. Other communications would include email correspondence, direction-giving, and occasional mentoring. All VIP clients also participate in a deep-dive consulting session to flesh out project priorities, a Kick-Off Meeting leading up to the 10-week project period, a Mid-Program Review, a Post-Program Evaluation, and a Presentation of final deliverables.

What kinds of organizations do you serve?

We partner with socially and environmentally conscious organizations (for profit and nonprofit) seeking reliable, affordable project support. Our ideal clients have already identified priority projects (important but not necessarily urgent) and are committed to tackling them, but lack the time and attention needed to cross these projects off their To-Do list without a helping hand. Ideal clients for us also include those organizations wanting to develop their talent pool and/or internship infrastructure.

Are these internships virtual or in person?

Our program is designed to deliver Virtual Internship Solutions (in fact, that is where our name “VISions” came from!). Our interns work remotely, often night and weekend hours, to forward your key projects-- with regular support from Visions Internships. At this point, if a client desires some on-site work, it will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do I know if our organization is socially and/or environmentally conscious?

Does your organization help people or the planet in some intentional way? Specifically, does your organization address at least one of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (see UN SDGs)? If your organization is intending to pursue a UN SDG but is not currently, please email Amy directly at [email protected] to explore possibilities and your next steps.

How much does it cost to become part of VIP? How do organizations pay?

The 3-month program fee for VIP client organizations is $5,000. Clients are invoiced approximately 1 month before the start of the program and can pay by check or ACH (preferred methods) or credit card (by request) two weeks before the program begins. Clients typically pay half upfront and the remaining half around the halfway point, although there is a financial incentive for clients who pay upfront in full. Please speak with Amy if you have a payment concern or request. #PeopleOverProfit

What kinds of projects can you help me with?

Visions Internships can help you with a wide variety of important, typically shorter-term, projects related to:

1. Qualitative Research

2.  Process Improvement

3. Consultation and Implementation

4. Stakeholder Outreach

5. Social Media Support

6. Web Content Enhancement

7. Event/Program Assistance

8. Fundraising Support

9. Corporate Social Responsibility

For more details of each, please visit our SERVICES page.

Could we sign up for more than one VIP seasonal program? Is there a discount for repeat clients? Any referral incentives?

Yes, current clients actually have the first right of refusal for the upcoming seasonal program (spring, summer, fall) before we make the VIP opportunity available to new clients. 

We now offer annual contract option at a 5% discount if you would like to reserve our services for a year (3 program cycles).

We also provide you a 10% "Thank You Discount" for future services if an organization you refer becomes a new VIP client.

How many projects would we get done together during VIP?

Your organization would get 1 or 2 key projects done (depending on the scope of each) during a program cycle. On average, we would dedicate 15 project hours per week to your organization over a 10-week period, in addition to the initial consulting session and Kick-Off meeting.

Would we sign a contract with Visions Internships?

Yes, we would sign a 3-page Client Services Agreement (electronically via DocuSign) to specify the roles, responsibilities, and expectations between Visions Internships and your organization.

What kinds of tech tools and software platforms and can you help us with?

Our interns are tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs familiar with many tools and platforms like Zoom, Google/G Suite, Microsoft Suite, GrooveFunnels, Loom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Imovie, Canva, Asana, Slack, Calendly, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quickbooks, and LivePlan. More importantly, our interns are “quick studies” and trained to learn quickly and troubleshoot.

I am interested and I think our organization would be a good fit for VIP. What is the next step to move forward?

The next step would be to fill out an online Interest Form by Friday, Aug 5th to be considered for the upcoming fall program. Feel free to Schedule an Exploration Call to learn more!

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Amy Mosher Berry

About the Founder

Amy Mosher Berry started Visions Internships to bridge the gap between young professionals seeking meaningful real-world experience and socially and environmentally conscious organizations in need of project support.

A dynamic and caring community development professional of 20+ years (including 10 years running her own consulting firm and 5 years as an adjunct professor), Amy makes it easy for you to get the independent project support and access to talent you need with very little skin off your back.

Amy holds an M.A. in Community Development and Planning from Clark University and a B.A. in Environmental Studies / Spanish from UVM.

Connect with Amy

AMBassadors Community Development, LLC

DBA Visions Internships

11 Apex Drive Suite 300A #146

Marlborough, MA 01752

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 508-835-8007

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